What Should You Do If the Battery of Your Laptop Bursts?

Why do Laptop Batteries Burst?

Lithium-ion batteries are unstable when exposed to heat or electrical current that exceeds their limit. They can overheat due to manufacturing defects or other issues, such as voltage spikes from devices connected to USB ports. In these cases, the battery will emit smoke before bursting into flames.

The overcharging of the battery is the most common cause. The battery in your laptop might overheat and eventually catch fire or explode if you keep it plugged in after the charging process is finished.

Another factor is the physical impacts or shock damage to the battery. That might result in a short circuit inside the battery, which could cause it to blow up.

While using laptops on their  laps, some users have reported that their batteries have exploded. If this occurs, your specific battery model most likely has a manufacturing flaw, so the manufacturer or merchant where you bought the laptop should be held responsible. You need to seek medical care and contact a defective device lawyer.

Things to Do When Your Laptop Batteries Burst:

  • First and foremost, if your battery is still hot from the explosion, do not touch it. It will only make things worse. Wait for it to cool down, then remove the laptop from the power source. If you can’t remove it alone, you should call a technician or the authorities to help you with this.
  • Wipe your laptop as soon as possible with a dry cloth or towel if there is liquid on it.
  • Use water; if the explosion causes a fire, put out the fire with water if a fire extinguisher is unavailable.
  • If any pieces are broken or damaged, take them out of your computer and throw them away immediately. While they may look safe, you should not use them again as they could cause problems with other parts of your device if they are not removed first!
  • You’ll also want to check all the other parts connected to the battery before removing it entirely from your computer. Ensure everything else is working fine before turning on your machine again!
  • Finally, ensure that nothing else has been damaged by checking for further hazards. Then contact a defective device lawyer for a consultation on what should be your best next step.

Important Things to Remember:

  • Preserve Evidence of the Burst Battery

You must preserve all evidence related to the incident for later use in your suit against the manufacturer or seller of the battery. It includes taking photographs of any damage caused by the explosion and collecting pieces of debris from what remains afterwards.  Only disturb something once an expert has inspected it first.

  • Notify authorities immediately.

If someone was injured in the explosion, call 911 immediately. Although many injuries do not appear severe at first glance, they could become more serious if not treated properly right away by medical professionals familiar with such injuries caused by burns or blunt force trauma from flying debris trendingbird.

  • A defective device lawsuit is used to get compensation for harm and other losses. Taking action as soon as an incident occurs is crucial because many instances necessitate considerable investigation and litigation. That’s why it is vital to contact a defective device attorney immediately.

Manufacturer Liability: 

Before a product hits the market, the manufacturer is responsible for developing and testing it. Manufacturers are liable for any damages brought on by a product’s unanticipated flaw or failure to operate as promised. The law permits customers to file lawsuits against manufacturers for goods that harm consumers due to production problems or poor design.

Strict Liability: 

Under strict liability laws, manufacturers are held liable for any injuries caused by their products, regardless of whether they were aware of any defects or not. In other words, even if the manufacturer was unaware that their batteries could explode under specific circumstances, they are liable for paying for your injuries if your laptop battery bursts. 

Breach of Warranty: 

It occurs when a product does not perform as expected or advertised and causes damage to another person or property because of its malfunctioning parts or design flaws. Every product in America today comes with an implicit guarantee, which means you have the right to anticipate that your purchase will be safe and will function as expected, even if it is not expressly stated in writing.


The manufacturer may be negligent if they knew or should have known about the defect in their product but failed to warn consumers about it. For example, if the manufacturer issued consumer reports that their laptop battery exploded but no warnings were included with the product, this could be considered as negligence.

The three subcategories of manufacturer liability for exploding laptop batteries are:

Manufacturing Defects 

A product design or construction flaw causes this defect, which manifests itself during the production. The term “design flaw” is frequently used to describe this problem.

Warranty Defects 

This phrase describes any flaw in your device that was there when it left the store or warehouse but didn’t become apparent immediately after you started using it. A warranty defect will occur if you purchase a new laptop only to discover an internal battery defect that causes it to catch fire or explode when charged.

Failure to Warn 

Failure to warn refers to defective warnings or instructions provided by manufacturers regarding the proper use of their products, such as how not to overcharge your lithium-ion battery.


In conclusion, this article discusses what to do if laptop batteries explode and manufacturer liabilities. The article talks about how manufacturers should be held responsible for the safety of their products and the vital things you should do if your laptop batteries explode.

If an incident happens, we must always choose our safety first and be aware of manufacturer liabilities regarding defective devices. If a defective product has injured you, contact a defective device lawyer who can help you get compensation for your injuries. A great lawyer will help you file a claim against the defective product manufacturer and pursue compensation for your injury claim.