PUBG mobile collaboration with SSC North America 2024

Get ready for an exhilarating experience, PUBG Mobile enthusiasts! The much-loved battle royale game teams up with renowned American automaker SSC North America, introducing a burst of speed to the battlegrounds. For a limited time, players can get behind the wheel of the Tuatara and Tuatara Striker, two of SSC’s exclusive hypercars. Buckle up as we explore all the exciting aspects of this dynamic collaboration.

Introducing the SSC hypercars

Let’s discuss the main highlights of the collaboration; cars. The Tuatara, celebrated for being the fastest production car, features a stylish design and a strong twin-turbo V8 engine capable of exceeding 300 mph. This remarkable car is smoothly integrated into PUBG Mobile, providing players with the means to quickly outpace their rivals and gain strategic advantages on the map. The Tuatara Striker focuses on flexibility and a futuristic look, along with sheer power. With superb handling and top-notch performance, the Striker is perfect for maneuvering through PUBGM’s varied landscapes and engaging in rapid pursuits. The cars are here for a limited time, and you can not access them with your PUBG Mobile accounts after the event has ended.

Customizing your SSC hypercar

But speed isn’t everything! Both the Tuatara and Tuatara Striker come with a variety of colorways to match your personal style. Choose between the elegant Rose Phantom, a shimmering pink Tuatara that screams luxury, or the sleek Sky Crane, a cool blue that exudes confidence. Make a bold statement with Dawn’s Edge, a fiery orange Tuatara Striker that demands attention, or opt for the sophisticated Blue Nightscape, a deep blue that reflects the car’s futuristic design.

A fully immersive collaboration

This collaboration extends beyond just adding hypercars. Players can expect a fully immersive experience that celebrates the world of SSC North America. Keep an eye out for special in-game events that celebrate the collaboration. These events might involve unique challenges or game modes that reward players with exclusive SSC-themed items like weapon skins, character emotes, or even permanent car skins.

The collaboration might introduce subtle visual changes to the battlegrounds, potentially including SSC branding elements or even a limited-time map reskin inspired by SSC’s design philosophy. There also may be special in-game items that are a part of the event but can only be unlocked by using UC. So, now would be the right time to use the PUBG UC redeem code option to add more UC to your account.

How to get your hands on the SSC Hypercars

The exact method for acquiring the SSC hypercars in PUBGM hasn’t been officially revealed yet. However, based on past collaborations, players can expect a few possibilities. Completing special challenges or participating in time-limited events might reward players with access to the hypercars. Exclusive crates containing the hypercars or their blueprints might be available for purchase using in-game currency or real money. Similar to crates, lucky draws might offer a chance to win the hypercars or their blueprints alongside other rewards.


Ultimately, the PUBGM and SSC North America collaboration is a win-win for both parties. SSC’s collaboration with PUBG Mobile brings a fresh mix of thrilling action and custom options to the game, ensuring players stay engaged and eager for future updates. So, prepare yourselves, soldiers, and dive into the excitement of intense battles in PUBG Mobile!