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Looking for products or services online has become extremely common in this digital age with Google among other search engines having revolutionized the world of online commerce. All of this is done using a wide variety of smart devices with billions of people all over the planet conducting searches on a daily basis.  A large majority are for services or products, because many do not have the time to spare to go shopping offline. From buying a pair of shoes to looking for a vacation spot and everything else in between is purchased online. For any upcoming small business featuring in relevant searches online is critical. The challenge is with so much of variety when finding businesses, how can one ensure that their business is seen and possibly chosen? This can be achieved using a top-class online business directory that directs online traffic to your site and possibly prospective customers.

Getting started with online directories

The primary difference between a local directory and Google is their source of data. Search engines like Google use its algorithm to trawl every resource on the internet to look for relevant information whenever a search query is raised. On the other hand, an online business directory will only access that data which has been provided by the businesses that have registered with the directory. This makes the search process extremely fast and only offers results that are tailor made for the search queries posted. For this the relevant businesses must be registered with the directory and it should contain all the necessary data. The complete process is simple and convenient with a well-designed registration process that includes details like the website, contact details, category of business etc.

Choosing The Right Free Online Directories

There is a plethora of online business directories available. Those that are newcomers to online marketing will probably want to register with multiple sites. What makes them even more attractive is that most of them offer free basic listings. The bottom line here is not quantity but rather quality that counts. Adding your business on directories all across the internet is spamming. As a result, Google will penalize such a business by lowering the business’ search engine rankings. An added disadvantage of getting listed with a directory that hardly attracts visitors will further affect ranking. Therefore, make sure to only register with directories that have a high click rate because they will have good rankings. One way is to check the directories used by your competitors and look at the volume of business that is generated from the directories.

Maximize your directory strategy

Once you locate those directories that generate traffic, you can register your business with them. All of the details and the description of the business must be accurate without a single error. Once registered with these directories the results will be visible in some time. A good quality online directory will offer analytics to determine the volume of clicks that have been generated since the registration of the business. The comparison must be done regularly for every directory where the business is listed. There always are new directories popping up that may have more relevant content so it would worth switching to the newer directory from the earlier one. For the top most online directories it would be worth considering to join their premium services.

Take help from the experts

The good news is if you do not have the time to spare to keep track of your listings to remain at the top of your business, you have help. The best business directory listings keep their members well informed of their business’ analytics from the flow of traffic to number of clicks generated. There may be need from time to time to make minor adjustments to ensure your business remains relevant. Since rankings are dynamic you need to be on top of things as this will help to generate business as well.

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