Formula 1, Haas shrinks pitwall: 250,000 US dollars saved.

Haas frees up money for Formula 1 2023 with creative methods. Command post radically downsized. Günther Steiner holds out the prospect of more updates.

Haas enters its eighth Formula 1 season in 2023. This looks very promising, go to and bet on them, below we describe why it can be profitable. Kevin Magnussen and Nico Hülkenberg may benefit from the best conditions that the Ferrari customer team has been able to offer its drivers to date. According to team boss Günther Steiner, development and preparations for the season were at a new level for the racing team. In addition to better planning, creative cost-saving methods should guarantee an additional budget for updates, which did not exist in this form in the past.

“To be efficient, you look at everything,” said Steiner, whose unorthodox approaches immediately sparked conversation at the Formula 1 test opener in Bahrain. Suddenly, only three team members were sitting at the U.S. command post instead of the previous six. This was not due to the circumstance of the test drives but will be the case throughout the season. The savings generated in logistics costs as a result tipped the scales in favor of this decision.

“If you need money for development that’s under the budget cap, where does that go? To have six people sitting there or a quarter of a million for updates – that’s where I know what we’re doing,” Steiner says, explaining that the radical move was well worth it financially. “The guys came up with the idea and I told them it’s not a problem for me if I have to sit inside. I don’t have to be upfront there. With three seats, we can handle everything.”

The red pencil for the pit wall is one piece of the puzzle of a large-scale plan that Haas hopes will allow it to keep pace with the competition this year better than in the past. While the 2022 team showed a clear upward trend, the team’s strong start to the season was knitted with a hot needle at the urdughr time.

Haas 2023 better positioned with a title sponsor and lead time

For 2023, Moneygram as the new title sponsor also provides financial stability, which was lacking for the following years after the flop with Rich Energy in the 2020 season. Kevin Magnussen and Mick Schumacher secured eighth place overall for the team last year, but only managed to finish in the points in six of the 22 races.

“The only way to get faster is development. That’s why we want to free up as much budget as possible for that,” says Steiner, who treated his 2022 drivers to a major update package at the season’s midpoint. However, Haas doesn’t want to follow the philosophy of a retread this time around.