Choosing Your Doctor for Worker’s Compensation in Vermont

We understand that receiving medical treatment from an unfamiliar healthcare practitioner could be a concern and even unnerving for some people who want to file a workers’ compensation claim. And it is true that people usually develop strong ties with their medical professionals and employees. In such situations, people often wonder whether the new doctor will be able to provide quality treatment. If you have any questions beyond the scope of what is discussed in the blog, you may reach out to a Vermont workers compensation lawyer. 

Can you pick a doctor of your own?

The truth is, it actually depends on whether you are enrolled in a managed care organization (MCO) by your insurer. In case it is established that you are not enrolled in an MCO, you are free to choose a physician of your choice based on your needs. To put it simply, your employer holds no right in deciding who gets to be your healthcare provider. 

But first, let’s understand who are MCO. They are basically a certified group of medical caregivers recognized by the Workers’ Compensation Division. In case you have an MCO, they will basically manage most of the due diligence associated with your medical care and the injury. They may even participate in the selection of a treating doctor for the worker. In some cases, the insurer may have some influence in choosing the MCO, which in turn can affect the choice of doctor you see.

Getting a second opinion:

You can get a second opinion if you believe your medical care or treatment for a workers’ compensation injury is insufficient. You can ask to see a different doctor in the MCO’s network if the MCO is managing your care. You might be able to seek an independent medical examination (IME) by a doctor of your choice if you’re still not happy with the treatment you’re getting. However, workers’ compensation insurance might need to approve this.

In order to address concerns including the origin of your injury, available treatments, and job limitations, an insurer may also ask for an IME. Even if you select your own doctor, the workers’ compensation insurance carrier may insist that you consult a different specialist.

Final thoughts:

In case you have any questions related to selecting a medical practitioner or whom you can see or not, you may get the help of a lawyer. 

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