Child Custody Case Examples

New Jersey has an extensive child custody statute geared toward protecting the best interests of children. This means that courts will always try to get the best possible custody arrangement for children. However, there are numerous factors to consider before filing a child custody case. A divorce attorney should be contacted to learn more about the court’s process and what to expect.

In general, child custody cases are less adversarial than divorce and other criminal proceedings. Because of this, they are presented in smaller settings than one might imagine. Even the courtrooms in family court process in St. Louis County are much smaller than those seen on television. Even so, judges and custody adjudicators hear many cases a day.

A common question in a child custody case involves determining which religious tradition or beliefs the child should follow. If the parents have very different religious views, it may cause a custody dispute. If the child is old enough to make these decisions on their own, then the courts will likely follow the wishes of the child.

Custody cases can be complex, particularly if the child has special needs or a criminal history. A custody case can also be very expensive, requiring experts, countless witnesses, and third party records. It’s best to identify your primary concerns and priorities early on. Otherwise, your money may be drained quickly. In this case, you might want to consider legal aid as a way to reduce your expenses.

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