Bitcoin Millionaires: The Biggest Crypto Gambling Wins of All Time

From humble beginnings in N1 Casino Canada to unimaginable riches, Bitcoin has changed the lives of many. The allure of cryptocurrency has led to some inconceivable gambling stories, featuring ordinary people turning their fortunes around with a single bet. In this post, we delve into the most remarkable crypto gambling wins in history. Join us as we celebrate the biggest Bitcoin millionaires and their thrilling journeys to success.

The Legends of Bitcoin Gambling

These extraordinary individuals have etched their names into the annals of Bitcoin gambling history. Let’s explore the stories of those who struck gold with their unbelievable luck and daring bets.

1. Peter McCormack’s $1.3 Million Win

Peter McCormack, the host of the “What Bitcoin Did” podcast, was an early Bitcoin adopter. In 2013, he invested $32,000 in Bitcoin and turned it into a staggering $1.3 million by gambling on an online platform. Although Peter eventually lost his fortune, his story remains an inspiration for those who dream of massive crypto gains.

2. Nakowa’s $11 Million Winning Streak

In 2013, a mysterious gambler known as Nakowa made headlines with an $11 million winning streak on Just-Dice, an online Bitcoin dice game. Nakowa’s identity remains a mystery, but their legendary wins continue to captivate gamblers worldwide.

3. The $8.7 Million Jackpot Winner

In September 2017, a lucky anonymous gambler won a life-changing 259.74 BTC, worth approximately $8.7 million at the time, on the popular Bitcoin casino BitStarz. This massive win on a mega moolah jackpot is still remembered as one of the most impressive crypto gambling victories.

4. The $2 Million Poker Player

A skilled poker player, going by the pseudonym “X,” turned an initial deposit of 60 BTC (worth around $50,000 at the time) into a staggering 1,000 BTC (around $2 million) over the course of two years. Combining strategy, skill, and a little luck, “X” demonstrated how lucrative Bitcoin poker can be.

5. Elmer’s $6.3 Million Slot Win

In 2019, Elmer, a humble retiree, hit the jackpot of a lifetime in a Bitcoin slot game. With a single spin, he secured a mind-boggling 430 BTC, worth approximately $6.3 million. Elmer’s heartwarming story serves as an inspiration to those who dream of crypto riches.

The Secret to Their Success

What do these Bitcoin millionaires have in common? Was it sheer luck or something more? Let’s analyze the key elements that contributed to their massive crypto gambling victories.


All these winners took significant risks, betting large amounts of Bitcoin on high-stakes games. Their daring approach paid off, resulting in

massive rewards. While risk-taking isn’t a guaranteed recipe for success, it was undoubtedly a common factor among these crypto millionaires.


In many of these stories, timing played a crucial role. Early adopters of Bitcoin, like Peter McCormack, were able to capitalise on the cryptocurrency’s meteoric rise in value. Similarly, the anonymous BitStarz gambler struck gold when Bitcoin’s value was near its all-time high in 2017.

Skill and Strategy

Some winners, such as the $2 million poker player “X,” showcased exceptional skill and strategy in their chosen games. While luck played its part, their profound understanding of the game and ability to make calculated decisions helped them secure their winnings.

The Dark Side of Crypto Gambling

Despite the incredible success stories, it’s essential to remember that crypto gambling has its pitfalls. Many have fallen victim to addiction, losing their entire fortunes in pursuit of the next big win. Peter McCormack’s journey, for instance, serves as a cautionary tale, demonstrating the potential dangers of gambling addiction.

Moreover, the volatile nature of cryptocurrencies can lead to rapid fluctuations in the value of winnings. What may seem like a massive win today could be worth significantly less tomorrow. It’s crucial to approach crypto gambling with caution and awareness of the potential risks.


The world of Bitcoin gambling has created some remarkable millionaires, each with their own unique story of risk-taking, luck, and skill. While these tales can be inspiring, it’s important to remember the potential pitfalls of crypto gambling and approach it responsibly. For every winner, there are countless others who have lost it all in pursuit of riches. When engaging in crypto gambling, always be mindful of the risks, and never bet more than you can afford to lose. After all, the journey to becoming a Bitcoin millionaire should be one of excitement and joy, not despair and regret.