A Construction Site Accident Case Study

A construction site accident can be one of the most serious types of accidents, involving injuries or fatalities. It’s important to understand the hazards of construction work and how to avoid them. Occupational safety rules are particularly important in the construction industry, and it’s essential that construction workers follow them strictly. Using personal protective equipment is an important way to protect workers. However, you must choose the right type of PPE for the job and your intended purpose.

In this Ohio case study, a construction worker was working on laying storm sewer lines. His company did not have written safety procedures and only required annual full-day safety training. Despite this, the construction worker was working at the bottom of an eight-foot-deep hole in order to remove concrete casting that had surrounded an existing pipe. He was in an iron trench box that was positioned in the hole, and he was giving hand signals to his site supervisor.

In many cases, a construction accident is the result of defective tools or equipment. Defective equipment can result in life-threatening accidents. For example, vehicles may be without safety belts, and tools can be made of substandard materials.

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