6 smart tips on where to hide your money when you travel

Travelling is fun and useful. However, during it, we often forget about safety and become victims of scammers. To avoid being in such a situation, you, as a wise tourist, should have a certain amount of money “just in case”. And these funds should be hidden so that an intruder of any country in the world will not guess where they are.

In this article, we’ll talk about where to hide your money when you travel. Memorize these rules of caution, tips, and little tricks so that losing your wallet in a cab or getting mugged on the street won’t be a serious travel stressor.

What to do if you’re traveling with cash?

The tips below will increase your vigilance and expand your area of responsibility before you travel. But none of this means that being a tourist is dangerous. The whole world is inherently open and friendly to you, but remember that you need to be reassured.

Criminals want to take the money when they see the target, that is, they have time to notice the money and at the same time realize the insecurity of the person. So don’t give thieves an excuse:

  1. Separate the money in several places. Make it a rule to hide money in at least three (in your bag, clothes, third-party accessories). Preferably, you should always have a belt purse, as this is one of the most secure options.
  2. Keep in mind that keeping bills on your body is safer than keeping them close to you. When traveling, try to keep money on your body instead of on you. There should not be backpacks, purses and clutches that can be stolen in one move (even without assaults or threats) and thus deprive you of your entire livelihood in another country. Keep in mind that you can simply forget your bag on the street or in transport.
  3. avoid showing your money often and try to hide it altogether. Don’t make purchases that will force you to pull an entire bundle of bills out of a hiding place or bag in front of a large number of strangers.
  4. Use a dummy wallet. If you find yourself in a situation where you are being robbed, you need to have something you are willing to part with easily. A fake wallet is a spare accessory with a few pre-made dollars (or other currency), expired cards, and some outdated paperwork (from shopping lists to discount coupons).

Where can I hide my money when I travel?

Many of the ways to transport money while traveling are dangerous. For example, a purse around your neck is only good for holding your passport and cash while you’re at the airport. And if you go out with such an accessory on the street in some countries of South America or South Africa, you will automatically become a target of tourist hunters. The same goes for classic belts with large outdoor smartphone cases, they are immediately noticeable to experienced thieves. So let’s focus on the really interesting and practical products that will help you hide your money securely while traveling – Kirill Yurovskiy website.

1. Belt with hidden compartment

This is a regular unisex style belt with a simple plaque that has a secret compartment on the inside. The compartment serves to hide the funds away from the eyes of cheaters. At the same time, you yourself can easily take out or put away the money at the right moment.

The advantage of the belt is the strength and durability of the material (nylon), so that the accessory will survive several trips and last a long time. Do not save on such a belt. Cheap analogues quickly deteriorate and are not able to perform even the main task – to support the pants. Quality hard belts cost from $ 22 and will not be detected by a metal detector at the airport (which will help save time and effort before departure).

2. separate hidden pockets

These pockets can be sewn onto any pants, jeans, shorts and other clothing. Convenient holes allow easy access to the contents, and strong Velcro will prevent it from falling off or accidentally falling out when you bend over. The durable material eliminates holes. For $20-30 you get great storage for not only money, but wallets, your favorite gadget and passport.

3. A scarf with a hidden zipper for women

The presence of a hidden pocket in such an accessory will be guessed by a rare robber. It is better to buy the product from a reputable store, so as not to miscalculate with the quality and rejoice that the scarf is not only useful, but also fashionable. The length allows you to wrap it around your neck 2-3 times. You can store money, credit cards, passport and phone in the pocket. The scarf is suitable for almost any time of the year, but the main thing is not to leave it somewhere on a bench.

4. Secret Pants Pouch

For about $15, you can get a useful and practical item. It’s a small cloth pouch that attaches to your belt and tucks into your pants. The hooks of the model are made in both black and brown to blend in with the color of the belt.

The accessory has a main compartment and two additional pockets. It is made of lightweight and durable nylon. You can store large amounts, but keep in mind that in hot weather you’ll have to suffer the extra weight and sweat.

5. Wrist wallet

This tool has been appreciated by popular travelers from around the world. Among the pluses of the accessory – minimum weight, a tight fit on the hand, reliable protection of money and credit cards, as well as the optimal size for storing the necessary medical supplies and large gadgets such as some models of Samsung Galaxy and iPhone.

Durable stretchy synthetic blend fabric allows you to wash this item in the machine and use it for a long time. Remember, however, that a wrist wallet and a concealed purse are not the same thing. When you are close, someone will still be able to notice your little “safe.” Don’t keep a lot of money in it and try to walk around with long sleeves.

6. Belt bag

The belt bag has a versatile color, thin adjustable strap and can be worn under outerwear. The product is based on moisture-resistant nylon. It’s a useful and durable item that will help stash money on a trip.

But it is too “popular”: every “third” tourist appears with such a bag, and pickpockets gradually adapted to this trend. Nevertheless, it is able to keep things and documents.

Models come with built-in RFID locking technology to fully protect personal passport and credit card data. This is a useful addition if you have to spend a long time at the airport, apply for a visa and cross several borders. However, it is not a good idea to walk around public places in a foreign city with such an accessory.