3 Types of Employee Discrimination Cases You Should Know

Even though employee discrimination has always been illegal, it still occurs in workplaces. Many companies only care about profits and won’t take steps to stop discrimination if it’s expensive. However, you can stop discrimination by filing a case with the help of an employee discrimination lawyer (click here to learn more). Before hiring a lawyer, you should know about the different types of employee discrimination cases.

Here are the most common types of employee discrimination cases:

1. Race Discrimination

Race discrimination is common in the workplace. Some minority groups tend to get cleared over at all phases of the employment process. While, other types of groups don’t get hired, aren’t trained, or promoted. They get subjected to unfair scrutiny and get wrongfully terminated. You may recognize racial discrimination in a workplace through a boss’s direct actions, such as commenting on your color, physical features, or racial background. Racial discrimination may also lurk in the employer’s indirect practices, which cause race-based disparate treatment. 

2. Gender Discrimination

Gender discrimination is getting draining because of gender, which occurs even in today’s workplaces. The discrimination takes various forms such as women aren’t promoted, and trained. Some employers may even penalize women for being aggressive, which isn’t considered an issue in male employees. Many women feel pressured to back off from work to look after their children and focus on their domestic chores. The wage gap is still evident and many employers pay much less to female employees than male employees. If you are currently experiencing gender discrimination, you should hire a lawyer immediately. 

3. Age Discrimination

Age discrimination (discrimination against 40+ old people), is one of the growing discrimination cases in today’s workplaces. Age discrimination has certain common patterns. It gets quite tough for old job seekers to get a good job. They need to apply for more jobs and stay unemployed for longer than younger job seekers. Some younger bosses harass and pressurize older employees to resign and retire. Sometimes, they also get wrongfully terminated. 

Here are some of the age discrimination cases in workplaces:

  • Employers are unwilling to delegate physical activities to 40+ aged employees irrespective of their actual abilities
  • Employers limit hiring to new graduates, mainly excluding candidates in their 40s or older. 
  • Employers repeatedly make jokes and negative comments about older employees 

The Bottomline

So, these are the most common types of employee discrimination cases occurring worldwide. If you are experiencing any of the above or other types of discrimination in a workplace, hire a lawyer immediately to get justice.